3 Reasons Your Business Needs A Professional Logo Design

There are countless companies and websites out there offering what they call professional logo design for peanuts or in some cases nothing more than a high-five. This all sounds well and good to the average business owner wanting immediate results and to cut costs, but the truth is that these logo design’s are not tailored and hand-crafted specifically for your business. They are not unique or memorable as they’re usually created in advance without any thought are care put into them other than “hey, this looks good!” Many of them are also sold and used many times over as these logo design mills will offer to change the name on the logo or adjust the colour palette for anyone willing to part with a few dollars.

It’s a tall task convincing many people about the true value of a professional logo design that is carefully planned and crafted just for your business or product. I’ve been creating custom logo design for over a decade and I can promise you, it makes a world of difference to any business that takes the time and patience to brand themselves the right way. For those brave souls willing to invest the time and expense to design their brand properly, they’re very quick to write me back with their praise shortly after the new logo reaches the public.

Let’s look at the top 3 reasons why your business will benefit from a professional logo design.

1. Brand Recognition

Brand recognition or brand awareness is a critical component in all facets of any business and marketing strategy. As a professional logo designer I am not simply tasked with designing a logo – that’s actually the final stage in a logo design project! The first step is getting to know your audience or target market quite intimately. What appeals to them? How do they currently perceive your business or product? What is the best way we can visually communicate with them? I then put together a strategic plan to review with you so that everyone is on board from the start and understands where we are headed and how we’re going to get there in order to deliver the best results with your new logo.

The stronger the relationship your audience creates with your brand, the more effective the brand communicates your key marketing messages and gives way to the urge to purchase your product or service. It also helps nurture brand loyalty and repeat business. Not only will your audience be more inclined to make a purchase, they will be more likely to return to make future purchases or recommend your business to a friend.

To this effect, professional logo design almost always offers a better rate of association with a brand and increased brand awareness. The more time and money you spend up front creating a professional logo design often translates to savings on additional marketing efforts employed to grow your brand awareness. These savings can be used for other marketing purposes like a professional website design or that new smartphone you’ve been eyeing for months.

Logo Design and Brand Recognition

2. Perceived Value and Consumer Confidence

Time and time again we’ve received great feedback from our clients that have recently completed a rebranding exercise noting more customer interest or even increased sales. More often than not, the end user has noted to our client that the reason they chose to purchase a product or service from them was that they looked more professional that the competition and they felt they could place more trust in their business.

As much as we want to try to avoid judging a book by its cover, we’re all human and it is our nature to do just that. The two or three seconds that it takes someone to look at your brand and instantly form and opinion, feeling or emotion is critical. Professional logo design not only offers a more refined, unique look and impression of your business, it’s also carefully crafted to elicit specific emotions in your audience stemming back to our initial strategy together. Understanding who we’re speaking to and connecting with ultimately determines how I design your logo.

The more professional your business appears, the more consumer confidence you will instil in your audience to go along with the potential for increased sales in many cases. Additionally, many brands that enlist a professional logo designer find that they are able to charge more for their service or product after upgrading their brand due to the higher perceived value the finished results offer.

3. Brand Equity

Creating a memorable brand for your business or product may be the most important factor in the survival and success of your business. Companies can create brand equity by offering products or services that are not only visually memorable, but leave a lasting impression of superior quality, reliability and also by ensuring their brand is easily recognizable. A professional logo design is at the very core of a brand as it is often the first and most recognizable piece of any business. As such an important piece of your business, essentially the most widely used, widely viewed and most often remembered component of your brand an effective logo design is paramount to leaving a lasting impression with consumers.

With so much weighing on how your audience perceives your business, it is critical you put your best foot forward and invest the time and budget into creating a lasting, memorable logo that communicates your unique message clearly and efficiently to the people you are trying to reach.